Q&A Asthma: will fireplace make it worse?

QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 10, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I was told fireplaces enhance asthma which I have. So I was thinking about installing a Pellet stove which are suppose to be better. Maybe you can answer these questions:
    1. Do you they have any smell?
    2. Are they that much better for asthma?
    3. Would they really heat my entire house from top to bottom?
    4. Will they be cheaper to run then getting a small electric space heater to heat my 3 downstairs rooms?


    1. It is possible that a pellet stove could leak a small amount of smell when you start it...and if or when the power (electric) goes out. Pellet stoves rely on an electric fan to remove the smoke.
    2. Maybe a bit better...if properly installed and vented. But a good- newer efficient wood stove should not put smoke in the home either. The chimney is the key.A good strong chimney will help the stove draft upwards.
    3. Pellet or wood stoves can be a primary source of heat..This does not mean they will heat every square inch of the home..but they will do a good percentage.
    4. Yes- they will cheaper than electric - not counting the initial purchase and installation of the Pellet or Wood stove.
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