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MainePellethead Posted By MainePellethead, Sep 7, 2008 at 7:26 PM

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    Hey guys, Quad owner or knowledgeable owners....This is my second season with my it! :) But am doing a full thorough cleaning. Did all the other stuff needed but there was one last thing I was looking at......when vacuuming out, its bothering me if I should vacuum out right below the exhaust blower? Right where the path flows up into the exhaust vent. If you have the manual, for a pic the closest I can show is on page 31 figure 31.1 Does fly ash settle right below the exhaust blower? Thanks alot!

    side note: I used those little plastic caster things they swear you can move large things with lol....I tried, they didnt lie. After putting them under the slid VERY nicely.

    Good luck everyone with all your new and existing stoves this season! :)
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