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    I have a Collins Bio Energy Pellet Stove Manufactured in 1984 in Tacoma Wa. The problem I am having the auger is binding up. I have replaced the gear motor and reinstalled the auger but when I fill the hopper with pellets the auger will function until the pellets reach the fire chamber at this point the auger binds and the gear motor stops. Any thoughts? I have removed the auger and cleaned the tube I can't see any obstructions the only other thing that looks out of sorts is the auger itself in that the last 1/2 has been quite hot and some of the hard face has chipped away leaving a rough surface.


    I'm amazed that it even works at all. 1984 was the early days of the Pellet biz, and the technology was not up to par.
    S like:
    1. Gear motor is wearing out, and has too little torque
    2. Pellets and dust are being caught between the tube and auger because one or both are work or out of round.
    3. Bearings/Race that keep auger straight are worn.
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