Austroflamm Gas Parts

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Hey Daryl,
How have you been man, long time no see. All is very busy here in the Annapolis Valley. We might have what your friend is looking for. Get him to call my son Blair and he will be able to check if we do.

How is all with you guys, drink any Knob Creek lately. If I don't hear from you Merry Christmas .

Steve Keeling

Darryl Rose

Nov 21, 2005
Hey Steve. It's a small world man. I was just discussing you with my friend who is looking for the parts. I was telling him to contact you because he was interested in getting WETT certified.

Knob Creek - LOL.

I like a lot of them including KC!

Give my best to June. You still cooking on a Traeger?
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