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    My husband and I are shopping for a gas stove. The stove would be in our living room (attic above and then the roof; total roof height is about 17-19 feet). We can vent straight up or jog back and out the old fireplace chimney. The fireplace has been removed and we were thinking of also removing the old, leaky chimney. We cannot go back through the wall; that's our garage. We are receiving mixed advice/information regarding venting. Could you please enlighten us on the difference between b-vent and direct vent? Considering our circumstances, which venting method would you recommend for us? Thanks, Laura


    B-Vent takes air from the room and house for combustion and send the final products of combustion up a single flue, usually of a 4" size. Direct Vent uses a double-walled pipe, which take the combustion air from outside, and then returns the products of combustion outside through another layer in the pipe. You can vent a direct vent either out through the wall...or through the roof just like a B-Vent. B-Vent, in all cases, has to run up the full height of the home like a stove or furnace chimney. Direct Vents are usually a bit more efficient and are probably the best choice in many cases.
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