BAD TC FIREPOT - Quadrafire Mt. Vernon Instert AE

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Nov 15, 2018
I recently received the BAD TC FIRE PORT error code on my thermostat so I replaced the TC with one from EBAY which was only $40..NOT OEM.

I replaced the TC when the part arrived and the stove fired right up and ran with no issues for over a week and now I have the same error code..BAD TC FIRE POT. Should I just purchase a OEM TC at this point? I tried reversing the connection to the board and that didn't change anything. The stove won't even attempt to light, it drops pellets and then immediately says BAD TC FIRE POT. At this point it's not even attempting to drop any pellets, I plug stove back in and just have the error message.

Thanks in advace!
Have you tested the firepot tc to make sure it is good ? Is the connector properly seated on the board ? Something you can try is to remove the drop tube tc wire off board first, as this allows access to the latch on the firepot tc. You can then adjust the pins in the female end of the wire by using a thumb tack to bend the pins inward. Not too much but just enough to make a better connection. And always be careful as the wires and pins on the board are fragile. And always make sure to unplug stove before unplugging wires. If this doesn't work, we can continue with other options to see if board is bad. kap