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    I have just purchased a house with a coal stove installed by the previous owners. the stove pipe has a Barometric damper installed, how do I adjust it? It has a small thumb screw you turn to make it open at different temperatures, when it opens it intakes air from the room and sends it up the chimney. What temperature do I want it to open at? And why? Also this stove has a 6 inch output but the chimney is 10 inch. This doesn't sound correct to me is it?


    The barometric does not respond to temperatures, rather to the strength of the chimney draft. It opens to allow room air into the chimney, instead of allowing a strong draft to suck air through the firebox. This evens out the burn of the coal stove.

    It is best to use a chimney closer to the size of the pipe, however if it drafts well then everything may be OK. The barometric setting should allow the fire to respond easily to your air adjustments (on the stove air input). An ideal setting will keep it closed much of the time and allow it to open when the wind blows or when the fire is burning well. Experiment a bit, the lighter the better ..as long as the stove has enough draft.
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