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Oct 22, 2015
eastern Pa.
Haven’t been on here for a while. Just had some mature red oaks with bark problems dropped here. On splitting I’m finding moisture between 25 to 30% . Am I nuts to think if I split and stack now I can hope to see 20% or less by next December?
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Depends where and how you stack it
also the weather over the next 9 months
It’ll be stacked where it’s in shade some of the day. We get our fair share of humidity in summer. Honestly was surprised at the moisture content considering these trees had leaves and produced some acorns this past fall. Ive split literally tons of red oak some standing dead that just spewed water when split. These two trees are different for some reason 🤷‍♂️ Maybe some here have an idea why.
No one knows... but to increase the chances, split small, top cover, single stack wide, off the ground, exposed to wind and sun as much ad you can).
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You might can get it to burn halfway decent this next winter, but it won't be the best...
I’d give it two years personally. Agree with stoveliker split small single stack and top cover.
Split it to toothpicks if you really want a shot of it being completely dry. Well maybe not toothpicks, but you get the idea. Lots of surface area…
Nice haul!

Almost no chance of 30% oak being ready in 9 months though. Especially given only a marginal drying location. I have an A+ primo drying location and it still takes oak two years to be good.

The only way to make it happen would be a solar kiln. If you're really in a pinch I'd look into the kilns. It's pretty easy and lots of great info on them here. Splitting very small, single stack, top covering sure you may get it burnable but it won't be great and burning toothpicks kind of sucks. Would be worth looking into supplementing with sawdust bricks if that's what you're stuck with.
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