Best burning NY Capital District


Sep 22, 2010
Finger Lakes, NY
I'm west of you in NY, Finger Lakes region. I've been burning for the past 9 yrs in a Harman P61a and the best pellets I've used that are available in this area are:

-Easy Blaze Softwood
-Barefoot Hardwood

I've burned a few other brands (Curran Softwood and Hardwood, Instant Heat, Dry Creek and American Wood Fibers Softwood) and out of those the AWF Softwood was best.

I am currently burning the Easy Blaze Softwood this year and they are hands down the best pellets I've ever used and this is the first year that they are available in this area. They burn clean, hot, have few fines and very little build up in the burn pot. I used to have to scrape the burn pot daily, but even though I check daily, I only have to scrape every 3-4 days & there is not much there when I do.

Good luck!
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Nov 3, 2019
Delanson, NY
I’m burning allegany hardwoods now, but it seems like they are leaving tons of ash on the burn pot. I want to get another ton of a different kind and try them. I’m running the Lopi Deerfield so not sure if I can do softwood, the manual says hardwood....


Sep 26, 2013
North Jersey
I hear that Easy Blaze is a great pellet!! Especially being a softwood, low ash and high heat!!! Win win!!!!!!
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Phil Do's fire.

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Dec 16, 2012
Hyde Park, NY
Iv'e been burning pellets for almost twenty years, South of Albany @ Slaters Pellets the AWF Ultra White Pines are the cleanest, hottest pellet you will find. A close tie with the AWF's are from Wood Pellets .com and they deliver the Cleanfire Pacifics. Okie Platinums are also clean and about 10 degrees less heat. In a hardwood the Barefoots and Dry Creek premiums burn relatively clean and IMHO put out respectable heat and are the best of the hardwoods!
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Dec 21, 2013
New York
I was thinking of trying Easy blaze softies from Justin. Idk I kinda want to try norther warmth Douglas firs but idk if I want to spend $400 a ton.


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Nov 14, 2019
I’m in Accord, NY (southwest of Kingston, west of new paltz) best I have found is energex locally. Cant find any softwood.
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