Better than a Pellet Stove in the Cold Winter - A Pellet Fired Sauna by the Pool!

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH

Cedar Shed + Vaporizer + 70K BTU Wood Pellet Stove = Smokin Hot Sauna Bath!

Why pay $4295 for a 3 person Sauna from A1 Chimney when you put your wood pellet stove
in your cedar shed!

Besides that Infrared Sauna is just a couple of heat lamps! This sauna has a nice honkin FIRE !
See small 3 man pre-built sauna.

This is the BEST SAUNA if have ever been in my life!

Just had it up to 140 Deg F with the Hudson River West Point on Medium Heat Level 3 ! ! !
It is maintaining 138 Deg F on the Lo # 1 heat setting now!

See Sauna temps and review.
So I should go higher on the Temp like in a traditional sauna but 140 deg F seem pretty warm for me! Since I cannot throw water on rocks, the vaporizer does the trick. A definate plus!

Typical Sauna Temps
Infrared Sauna: Heating Elements – high-quality carbon fiber Infrared Sauna heaters.
Sauna Temperature Range – 80°-125°F (26°-52°C)
Pre-heat time – 5 to 15 minutes
Finnish Sauna (traditional): Heating Elements -Electric/Gas/Wood Heater.
Sauna Temperature Range – 160°-194°F (70°-90°C)
Pre-heat time – up to 1 Hour

Anyway If you like a good Honkin Sauna Bath, I highly recommend it!

(Not for those who do NOT like saunas of course!)

Benefits of a Shed Sauna! (I could feel my endorphins and serotonin go thru the roof! What a High!)
Removes Toxins - See Detox or Die Dr. Sherry A. Rogers MD
Burns calories helps you lose weight
Improves the immune system
Lowers blood pressure
Improves skin and cellulite
Eases joint pain and stiffness
Reduces stress and fatigue
Increases endorphins and serotonin - gives you a natural high and better sleep
Relaxing and comfortable experience
See other peoples Sauna Experience​
See more theraputical benefits​
Maybe I should just add a pellet stove steamer to the pellet stove for the Sauna?​


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