Big pellet stove problem?

pt0872 Posted By pt0872, Feb 7, 2008 at 5:21 PM

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  1. pt0872

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    Oct 8, 2006
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    We have a Whitfield prodigy pellet stove that we've been using for about 6 months and everything has been great so far.

    Recently we bought a ton of Corinth pellets...guy at the store recommended them. They seem to work good as they dont darken the glass as quickly as the lowes brand.

    I keep the pellets in my shed but it's been raining alot here lately and the air has been pretty damp.

    The other night the wife got up and shut the stove down....a horrible smell was going thru the house, like smokey, the glass was completely black and she thought the stove was going to catch on fire.

    I clean this stove regularly but when I cleaned it after this problem the soot was very thick and covered the entire inside of the stove.

    Would moisture of the pellets cause this problem or is there something else major going on?
  2. hearthtools

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    Jan 6, 2006
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    Depending on the year of your stove the Prodogy had just one blower for both combstion and conctions
    the Later models had a booster blower in line the the Flue out let at the top of the stove
    the last year that stove was made was 1994

    Could be the Combustion/convection blower is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replace
    If you have th booster blower that has stopped working.
    OEM booster blowers are no longer available.

    Do a complete cleaning
    Clean the blower and the flue and all ash traps

    The Prod II has a Cast iron Cap that you can remove to clean and inspect the booster blower
    you have to remove the top of the stove

    If this aplies to your stove
    Pull the top off the stove and remove the Cast iron heat exchange cover and clean in that area.
    If you a have the booster blower it is located in this area

    make sure your ash pan and door are sealing good.
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