Installation and Troubleshooting of Pellet and Corn appliances - read this first!

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This post will contain some important links to get your started BEFORE you ask a question.

Selecting and Installing a Freestanding Pellet Stove

Many problems with pellet stoves are the result of installations not being as per the manual and other oversights.

The first thing you need to do is READ THE OWNERS MANUAL
Installation and Troubleshooting of Pellet and Corn appliances - read this first!

If you dont have one most manufactures have them available on their website.

Most pellet stove have a manual with a Basic trouble shooting flow chart.
Some stoves with push button digital control board LIGHTS (Lopi, Avalon, Enviro, Breckwell)
flash a designated feed rate or Convection blower light to tell you what the problem is.
Your owners manual will have the code.

Read the threads below for information about the common problems and solutions.

My pellet stove shuts off after 15 to 30 minutes after I start it?

My Enviro or Breckwell stove runs for a few seconds then shuts off after I push start?
This is from a self test the new control boards have at start up. most likely the board is not reading power from the pressure switch or a limit switch.
See the topics
My stove stopped feeding and or
My stove hut off after 15 minutes

My pellet stove stopped feeding pellets

Why am I getting smoke in my home or my stove is burning lazy and Dirty.


Why it is a good idea to fully clean your stove before you panic when there is a problem with your stove.

Understanding your pellet stoves Electrical and safety limit switches.

Rating of Pellet fuel and BTU ratings.

Things to do or know before an install crew comes to your home.
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