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    When I purchased my home in 1989, the seller had installed a wood stove. It is front loading and has two hot air vents. The stove is built into a fake hearth and chimney. I can take the hot air vent grates off the "chimney" and look down on the unit from above (the distance from vent to stove is about six feet).

    All I know is that the stove is apparently a "BIS" stove. The grate has burned through and must be replaced. It looks to be removable but apparently is heat warped to the point that it simply won't lift out, even after a good deal of "persuasion" by various means. Are you at all familiar with this stove? Can I somehow remove the firebrick to get the grate out? None of the local fireplace stores know the brand I'm talking about. Can you help me?


    The Bis is a very popular and good unit made by Security Fireplaces of Canada. A link to the web site is below. You should be able to find a local dealer or information there,

    Link: Security - Manufacturer of BIS
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