BK King Stove Burning Through

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Minister of Fire
Dec 28, 2006
Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
1.2" is bordering on a blizzard here. 😏 Thankfully, we've had almost no snow the last couple winters. I'm already looking forward to spring, but I see some single-digit nights forecast for next week. 🥶

Not really user error, just that when you cool the fire box off with the blower, creosote doesn't burn off the walls of the box as readily. With the internal shields, the walls also aren't exposed to radiant heat from flames and coals either, as they are in a normal stove.
That may well be the reason BK suggests that users burn the stove hot for a half hour a day. Seems like a lot of heat is sent up the flue this way, though.. 🔥😣

Yeah, that sounds like the way to go. I'd drill the screw holes oversize of the diameter of the screws to allow for expansion and contraction. And maybe don't tighten the nuts down to where they clamp the plate tightly; Instead, use two nuts on each screw, loosely holding the plate in place, then tighten the two nuts against each other to lock them in place on the screw shaft.

Your Princess, I'm guessing? Did you post about it? If so, got a link?

Oh no, not my princess. Mine is holding up really well other than some bricks starting to need replacement.

There are many forums and other media outlets these days. Been seeing lots of melted bypass gasket retainers too.