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    I just bought a house that has a fireplace with an old iron insert. It is called a "Black Bart" and was manufactured in 1980 by Bart Manufacturing in North Carolina. Do you know where I could get information on this beast- or should I just figure on replacing it? By the way- there is a strong musty odor coming from the fireplace; any idea of how to eliminate this? Thanks-


    The Black bart is not worth salvaging...it was a low end unit and had design problems. The smell is caused by:
    1. Creosote in the chimney
    2. lack of a direct connection from the stove to the first chimney tile. When and if you purchase a new unit- make certain it is installed correctly. Lining the chimney to the top is the best way...but it may be OK to just go up 5 feet or so. Have the chimney cleaned before installing. and most important: Go to your local hearth shop and purchase a bottle of "Fireplace Deodorant" to put in the room - it helps greatly with the smell. Craig
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