Blaze King Ashford 25 insert vs Hearthstone Clydesdale

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Dec 3, 2023
Hello, I am in the process of shopping for a new stove insert to replace my Vermont Castings small winterwarm 2080. We have narrowed down our choices at the moment to the BK Ashford 25 and the new Hearthstone Clydesdale. I am trying to understand a bit more if the hybrid function of the Clydesdale will allow for more adjustability? We burn fall through spring so leaning towards a cat model. Also, both fire boxes seem to be about the same size by Heathstone advertises the stove, if all the stars align, will put out close 60000 BTU vs 30k or so for the BK. I am not quite sure how one can produce almost twice the output with similar size fire boxes? For reference, on cold days (~20-30 degrees) the Vermont Casting will heat the room it is in to about 67 degrees currently. The home is in Rhode Island, oil heat, two stories and approx 1900 sq ft, built in 1920 but does have updated insulation I would call adequate. The fireplace is in the middle of the home with a staircase approx 4 ft to the right, and I am not sure of the chimney height at the moment. I appreciate any insights you can share.
BK all the way. All I had to do was see that the Hearthsone has two cats. The Ashford is a proven design.
Two cats = replacement cost of two cats in the future I take it. Makes sense. How about the claim it can put out up to 33 percent more heat than the BK with roughly the same size fire box?
It's a hybrid stove so all the heat is not generated by just the cat. And it's not thermostatically regulated.
Each have their place, it depends on how the stove is being used and the heating needs. Some homes need a lot of heat steadily and others need low and slow.
Just a reminder. ASTM3053 (cordwood test method) a test run is over when 90% of the fuel is consumed. In M28R, the test run is over when 100% of fuel is consumed. So if two wood heaters have the same amount of fuel loaded for a run, and the M28R stove burns 6 more hours to get to zero, then the BTU's are influenced. Hearthstone makes nice stoves and im not certain how they were tested, but when anyone sees significant Btu differences, read the test reports.

With either stove, you'll be cozy warm!!

The last one we installed started having trouble with the bypass damper sticking. Hearthstone didn’t release a service bulletin to dealers, instead they released a YouTube video addressing the issue. To do the repair the insert has to be removed from the fireplace! What an ordeal! The one before that had stripped door screws. I reversed the door and the threads pulled out immediately. Both sides! I’ve been very underwhelmed with their quality and design lately… do yourself a favor, go with the Blaze King.