Blaze king Catalytic insert installed and burning

treeman08 Posted By treeman08, Nov 1, 2006 at 11:27 PM

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    Oct 3, 2006
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    I finally made the plunge and had the Princes insert installed last week. The install was a nightmare, as the guy they sent out seamed to know a lot less than I do about installing stoves. He finally got it in and I am sure it is safe, but I do not think that it is optimum.
    As for the insert and the cat I am very impressed so far. I am still learning how to burn the thing, but it does crank out the heat. The first couple of nights I did not let new loads burn on high as it was still a bit warm outside, and I have a black door glass to show for it. I think once I get it clean, I can do better next time. I am not stuffing it full, but on three medium to small splits I am getting long burns with the cat still active after 10 hours.
    Hope to have more feed back later as this week is cold. This morning it was 11 degrees out. The end of the house with insert was still 76 when I got up. Never would have had that with the old fisher, although with what I have learned here in the last month or so I could have made definite improvements.
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