Blaze King Chinook 20.2 installed !

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Dec 8, 2023
Los Gatos, CA
Thanks to this forum I am now the proud owner of a Blaze King Chinook 20.2 and doing my first burn. I was appropriately warned by the installer after lighting up the demonstration fire that the first fire might result in some smoke as the assembly oils / finishes burn off as everything heats up for the first time. I have a nice in room air cleaner that helped take care of that in a couple of hours. I have been playing around with the thermostat and can already tell with my seasoned oak these burns are going to last a long time which is the main reason for changing out my current Wittus Trendline to a Blaze King.

Thanks to the forum members who pointed me in this direction as I was first looking a the Hearthstone Bari, a beautiful stove, but that did not solve the long burn time performance issues I was looking for.

My wife also is happy with the Blaze King Chinook simple design and we are looking forward to a warm, cost efficient winter.

Nice! Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need to.

How tall is your flue?
Okay, all straight up?

Given that you are near the minimum, be aware that the minimum thermostat setting may be at 1.30 or 2 o clock. That's not a problem, but something to be aware of.
I'm not sure what your minimum is, but when one goes below the minimum, the cat may stall (fall out of the active regime).
This is because running low creates less heat, which also means less.heat is going up the flue - and that is what creates draft (and does so more when the flue is taller).
With less draft there will be less air sucked into the stove, leading to less fuel for the cat, leading to less heat produced in the cat, and it decreasing temperature until it's below the temperature it needs to combust the gases.
I love the stone hearth, very nice.

Have fun with it!
I've owned my Chinook 30.2 since 2020, very happy with it. Especially as we really like the style.
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Mine is at the top right corner of the plate with info that is mounted on the air inlet tube in the middle of the back of the stove.
I have a 30.2 though, but I suspect it's the same for you
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Damn that is a nice stove! Congrats.