Blaze king PEJ 1001 help

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New Member
Nov 26, 2021
I recently bought an older mobile home that came with a blaze king PEJ 1001 wood stove. I have never used a stove to heat a house but I am really excited to do so.
However, I am wondering if this stove is running the way it should. I was wondering ifthere is anyone on here that is familiar with these old stoves.

I have questions about the cat ,and whether or not I am missing parts, and also when will I know it's time to replace it. ( Its a minimum 5 years old)

How does thermostat work on the side?

And lastly the small 1/2 in hole on the top of the stove right above the cat, is that for a thermometer?
Thanks in advance.
Start with downloading the manual from the BK website. I am not sure you will find it for this stove, but the PEJ 1000 is there in the archives.
Thanks, i have read the manual and now wonder if I am missing a deflector?

When removing the cat the manual say to first remove the 'deflector-2' so that you can have access to the cat. however, after I removed the stove pipe to get at the cat, I simply reached in and grabbed the cat, there was no deflector. Anyone know what that deflector was used for? Will it hurt anything if I continue to run the stove without that deflector? Maybe the PEJ1001 model did not have that deflector (the manual I looked up was for a PEJ1000)

The cat seems to sit in this 'well' that is about 1\4 in deep. The gasket that i was sold for this stove was 2" wide and i was told to wrap it around the cat, put a piece of tape to hold it, then gently place it in the well. I don't really understand what this gasket is supposed to seal? Maybe it is supposed to seal to my missing deflector? or just it just seal the bottom of the cat to that well area?
I am not familiar with the stove and will have to defer to BK tech support unless @BKVP has some insight.
Congrats! You own on of the very first hybrid wood stoves! Post some pictures after reassembly and I'll verify if it is complete. While it is catalytic, 1001 is not EPA aprroved...nor was PE1000.