Bought my first battery operated chainsaw

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I already had Dewalt, so I keep a Dewalt battery saw close by. Rather than sorting through the wood pile since I changed stoves, I just bring whatever gets loaded up to the house. When I stack it on the porch I grab the battery saw and lop off a couple ends as needed. I think I knocked three or four ends off today. Most of the wood works with the smaller stove, but there are some longer splits mixed in there.
Meh, brother in law has the Milwaukee one, I guess it works good for a battery saw. For sustained use it definitely liked to trigger the battery overtemp, even when it was well below freezing outside with 9ah packs.
I have the Milwaukee M18 with a 16" bar. I am very happy with it. The saw came with a 12 Ah battery that never triggers the battery overtemp. If I am still cutting when I run the 12 amp battery out of juice I will use a 9 Ah one that I have from my string trimmer. With the 9 amp battery it will trigger the overtemp when you work it hard. You have to let it sit for a bit and can run it some more. I have never triggered the overtemp with the 12 amp battery.