Brand New Englander 25-CB120 “Failure to Start”

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Mar 26, 2023
I purchased a brand new Englander. 25-CB120 pellet stove directly from Englander installed last night ran for few hours…. And it stopped working in middle of night. Got up this morning cleaned burn pot and will not ignite at all!! I emailed & left vmail Englander 1st thing this morning….. and no one has responded! Any ideas why it won’t re-light? And, I cannot get it in diagnostic mode by pressing up & down button simultaneously.
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Is there an error code?
Is it in automatic or Manual mode?
programmed automatic from factory but i also tried manual M5 still nothing. No codes just FAILURE TO START “ message
Need more info
Does the combustion fan/motor start when you push the start switch ?
Are pellets being feed into the burn pot?
Does your igniter get hot?
After being on phone with Tech support….. it appears the auger motor is a bad one…. they are mailing me a new one
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