Brand new Kozy Heat not lighting

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New Member
Oct 3, 2023
Saskatchewan Canada
Looking for some advice.

Bought a new Kozy Heat oakport 18L. Installed with vertical 24 inch and horizontal 12 inch to outside termination through wall.

Gas is confirmed and working.

This thing hates lighting. Pilot will ignite and I can see it burning however I can still hear the igniter sparking. Then it goes out and beeps 2 times. Then I have to unplug the unit and let it reset and plug it back in to retry.

Now I have had this unit fired a few times and it burns great. But if the wind comes from the north, north east, north west, the fireplace fails to go. I had the pilot on constant mode for the last bit thinking that may help. But unfortunately the fireplace turns on fires for 30 seconds then I can hear it ramp down. Then it refires same thing. 3 times then it shuts off the pilot and then it’s game over.

What my curiosity is should I vent this through the roof like my wood stove did. Would that help with wind turbulence.

I’ve seen these kits for converting class a chimney to dv but I’m not sure what pipe it is going through the roof so I don’t know which conversion kit I would need. Thanks for any help.
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Yyou are running the minimum vertical rise and are in SK (windy). I think you'll have better luck with the taller vertical vent.
My stove is plugged into a regular outlet…..not meaning to hijack the thread here …..but by a grounded plug ….do you think gas stoves need a special ground fault interrupting type outlet to plug into? I can call my electrician to do that for me….. thx again!