Brand new out of Box Husky Wont start ????

tractorboy924 Posted By tractorboy924, Jul 15, 2008 at 12:36 AM

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    May 10, 2008

    I have that feeling the 361 is going to be picky about fuel. I swear I could put kerosene in the old Husky and it would run on it.
  2. snydley

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    Mar 7, 2008
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    Nah, I think it's more about the ratio of air/gas than how old or what octane the gas is. As long as you don't try to put gas in it that has started to "turn". You'll know if it's turning, it's a God awful smell, but it takes quite a long time before it gets to that point. My problems arose mostly because my old saw, a Craftsman 55cc. had a primer bulb on it, and after using it for years and getting used to the way THAT started, when I bought my 361 WITHOUT a primer bulb on it, it needed a whole new way to start it, and I had to figure out what that was. Hell, even my Craftsman when I first got it was a pain. It said on the starting instructions sticker on the saw to press the primer bulb in 10 times, pull the cord 4 times full choke, if it doesn't start back the choke off and pull 4 more times. If that doesn't start it lock the throttle full open and start pulling. Some such nonsense like that. It was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw. It flooded every time. After experimenting I realized that if I primed it with the bulb 3 times and closed the choke 1/2 way it would start on the 2nd or 3rd pull. The 361's a much better of a saw though! Cut's right through it like butter. :coolgrin:
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