Breckwell Big E Install question - Fresh Air intake

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May 18, 2022
Washington State
So I just purchased a 2015 Breckwell BigE for my shop. I have been around wood stoves a long time, but never a pellet stove. On the back, where the fresh air intake is, the intake is duct taped over and a small slot has been cut in the duct. I called the PO, who has been very kind, and he said that his was professionally installed in his shop and that the installers had done this as it was recommended for our altitude (300ft).

Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this. I see nothing in the manual suggesting this. I do notice that the stove looks to have run hot (the ash tray is a bit warped). As the shop is brand new to me, I would hate to burn it down out of the gate.

Photo attached of the install.

Breckwell - 1.jpeg


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Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
That’s pretty ghetto looking….have a look in the owners manual…most OAKS/FAI are set up for sea level and less air would lead to incomplete combustion not a hotter burn. What size is the intake port?


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Dec 2, 2017
ya that's getto that's what the damper is for.. im pretty close to your sea level and i have nothing like that and my stove runs perfectly
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