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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 4:00 AM

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    My wife and I purchased a pellet stove about 2 weeks ago. The dealer stated we should paint the inside of our brick fireplace and place a deodorizer in the fireplace. Since we have purchased the stove my wife and daughter have had sore throats and a burning feeling in the Lungs. The dealer has come out and checked for exhaust leaks with some kind of Meter and has stated that he can not detect any. My wife usually starts to feel a little better after the stove has been off for a day or so. The stove does not have a combustion air supply to the outside of the house as the dealer and manufacture feels we do not need it that the fireplace and the age of the house supply enough air source to the stove. I am looking for any suggestions you might have to help us resolve this problem. I have thought that the exhaust heat is probably a very dry heat and we should consider using a humidifier .......


    Yes, any heat inside the home in the winter can be very dry. In addition, the stove has a blower that can kick up dust. Keep the area around the stove VERY clean and this may help. You may also be kicking up dust when you load pellets into the hopper. Pour them in very slowly to eliminate this.

    Pellet Stoves do use an incredible amount of air for combustion, so outside air may not be a bad idea in the future. This may save energy as the air being used from inside was already heated.

    11/2007 Another possibility is allergies to the pellets. This has been reported by some consumers with existing allergies.
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