Brinkmann pellet grill?

pell it Posted By pell it, Mar 25, 2012 at 6:17 PM

  1. Eatonpcat

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    Might as well put wheels on it and I will drive it to work also! That would save me $100/week in gas! ;)
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  2. stoveguy2esw

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    did some asking today, grill needs to be sent to testing for UL still (i knew that in a way but didnt really think about it, my bad) suspecting the unit will retail in the neighborhood of a grand, from what ive sampled offit (without gourmet pellets) its making me want one real bad. we are looking at a new control setup for the grill which will allow a lot more flexability in cooking direct and indirect so you should be able to sear steaks then shut it back and slow cook a ham or brisket or whatever in my favorite method (low and slow , im from the south so it has to be that way)
  3. StihlHead

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    My brother was about to buy a Traeger pellet grill, but they are made in China now and they got really cheap in quality. He looked at the Brinkmann and was sold. Got it at HD. Called around, only one HD in PDX area had them (the Troutdale store). Great stove/smoker/grill. Everything that comes off that thing is perfect. BBQ ribs, chicken, veggies, smoked salmon. Prize winning Texas BBQ was never so easy! Looked at the Traeger baby Texas for $200 more, came with a lot less stuff and was way lower in quality, even tho the Brinks are also made in China. Only real drawback is the controller, which only has 3 settings. You can replace them w/ the Traeger optional variable digital feeder controller for $80 or so. At $500 clams these are the dogs ballacks and they do what thousand dollar pellet grills do (smaller grills tho). Whatever you do, do not use pellet stove fuel in them. Bad.... HD was the same price as Bass, Bass ships to your store for free, $6 shipping to your home, HD will ship this unit for free. These things are heavy.

    Joe Bob says these are the real deal. If you like perfect TX style BBQ and PNW style smoked fish that is. They are not like gas stoves or charcoal grills, no. Been using those all my life.They cook way hotter and if you want seared rare meat and steaks, these pellet grills may not be what you want. However, with the Traeger or Ortech digital controller, you can crank them a lot hotter than with the stock 3 position lo/med/hi switch. In my view they need several lower temperature smoke settings for making jerkey and smoking fish though. The pellets are pure wood as well, top quality, many brands and wood types of pellets are available now. Same as with charcoal briquettes, they are safe to use for food. I predict that these will replace a LOT of BBQs out there in the world... and change a lot of minds over the coming years. BBQs are about trends, yes, but pellet grills are a new world order of BBQ. The pros want pellet grills banned in BBQ competitions, they are *that* easy and *that* good.
  4. ScotL

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    Take a look at and look at their Louisianna Grills. I have a Country Smoker 680 that I use all the time.

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