Broken Bolt on Side Casting on Pacific Energy Alderlea T5

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Hal M

Oct 26, 2015
I've had a Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 wood stove for about 12 years now. We really like it and would certainly recommend it. The issue I have is that several years after using the unit I noticed that a mounting bolt that attaches the right-side SIDE CASTING has broken off. I found it on the floor one day. My best guess is that it broke because of the metal expansion/contraction. The two remaining bolts are still in place and the broken stud needs to be removed. It's not a safety issue at the moment. Just an annoyance because when a fire is on, that side panel starts to rattle at times.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. If so, have you tried to fix it yourself? The bolt is not easy to access. Thanks.