Q&A Burn coal in 1888 antique stove?

QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 29, 2007 at 4:40 AM

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    Question I am hoping that you can help me or refer me to another source. We have a 1888 S.B. Sexton coal burning stove in our fireplace in our basement. Years ago we had it taken out and the chimney fire bricked and put it back in with its own flu thinking it would be cool to use. Well, it is really hard to get started and we don't know what kind of coal to use or any tricks to getting it going. It has eight isen glass little doors that open in the front to show off the glow - can you give me any suggestions - could we burn wood in it? Could we get a gas log or gas coals inserted into it? It is quite handsome and I don't suppose there are many of them left around. Can you help? S. Kerr


    I have a friend that has a similar stove. They put a colored light bulb in in and it looks nice. You could burn it, but this will result in eventual deterioration of the grates, etc. Burning wood will be less harmful, but will smoke up the Eisenglass.

    I don't know of any gas inserts that would help with this type of antique stove.
    If you were going to use coal, it probably takes nut or stove size anthracite. Coal is very difficult to get going, and is really only helpful if you are burning 24 hours/day. From your description, this stove may be too nice to burn!
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