Burning cat stove without engaging the cat

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I understand many people who are new to burning wood come on these forums. Burning wood has been going on since man found fire. These new stoves are no different than driving or working on a new car with all of the gizmos and gadgets and the idiot proof safety features. It's a lot easier if you understand the basics and how to operate without the gizmos so you can understand the gizmos. Sometimes there's no replacement for common sense and the KISS method of operation.
I don't wear a hat.
I find my stove much simpler to operate than a Tesla.
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As a relatively new burner these threads are interesting for sure. I have a cat stove (Kuma Aspen LE) and burn with the catalyst. The only deviation I have made from manufacturers recommendation on burning is cutting my air sooner as Kuma wants you to burn air wide open until 20-30 minutes after engaging the catalyst and I have found this to be a bit excessive.

While I enjoy these threads as "brain food" I take the experiences with a grain of salt and will wait to have a few more years of experience before I throw my cowboy hat on.
I think that 20-30 minute thing is part of their process for getting excellent emissions test results. Then, they have to publish that exact process in the owners manual to comply with epa law. In reality, I would expect them and most sane people to not run a stove at full throttle for so dang long. Huge waste of fuel and unsafe chimney temperatures are easily hit when burning dry fuel.
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Didn't want anyone calling the EPA on me so I flipped the damper and engaged my cat this evening.
Just for comparison with the cat my STT 425 Flue 475 and cat at 1320
From a previous burn with no cat - "Right now without the cat in STT is about 150* higher than the flue temp, right now 550STT flue therm 400. "

Thermometers in the same exact spots for both burns.
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