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    Recently we purchased a Vermont Castings Defiant Encore to replace our old Defiant. The catalytic properties of the new one encouraged our purchase. Burning wood is an art and you're the only art school I know.
    1) How can I tell what temp the catalyst is operating with only a stove top thermometer?
    2) Can I reduce the stove top temp after the catalyst gets going, and if so what would be the minimum temp? What max temp is too much for this stove?
    3) The stove seems to want to remain at approximately 500-600 with the air control fully closed. Might there be a problem?
    4) Where can I purchase a converter thermometer, and how would it be installed on our stove?


    1. In an advanced design like the Encore, it is highly unlikely that the catalyst will stop working once it reaches a good operating temperature. If you keep the stove top over 450 degrees, it's almost a given that it will be hot enough in the catalytic area.
    2. Yes, you could probably have the stove top as low as 350 ..After the catalytic is already heated and there is a decent bed of embers in the stove. Temperatures up to 750-800 degree F (max) are probably OK on the griddle top.
    3. Maybe not, when the stove is shut down this can create more smoke from the wood. The catalyst burns this smoke, causing more heat. By using larger splits and wood which is not quite as dry, you may be able to control your lower fires better.
    4. I don't think you need one, although there may be a small hole in the rear of the stove which allows insertion of a stem thermometer.

    If you maintain the stove (including cleaning the converter) , you should be OK for years without worrying too much about the catalyst
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