buying my first pellet stove looking for advise

beasel25 Posted By beasel25, Jul 31, 2008 at 6:43 PM

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  1. beasel25

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    Jul 31, 2008
    eastern ma
    I currently own a wood burning stove but I am ready to move on to a pellet stove. I am having a few problems and I am looking for some help.
    I own a 1500 Sq ft home (Cape) just outside of Boston and the pellet stove will be located in the living room (where my wood burner is now) so I'm a looking at freestanding pellet stoves. My first obstacle was finding a pellet stove. I really liked the Quadafire Castile but several dealers said that they wont have any in stock till earlier 2009, which doesn't help this winter. I liked the Castile because its going to be a center piece (in the living room ) and its a sharp looking stove. Also I have 2 friends who own Quadrafire Pellet Stoves and they both say that their stoves are very low maintenance (which I like) and they perform great. The only problem with the Castile is the price $2,700 and finding one before this winter.
    I went down to Home Depot and viewed the Englander and I wasn't too impressed with the styling but the price was nice $1,650. A local dealer is selling a Whitfield Cascade which I believe is made by Lennox stoves. Its a free standing stove which I like and Its in my price range $2,200 but I know nothing about it.
    If anyone owns or knows anything about the Cascade I would love to hear from you.
    Also if anyone knows or recommends any other smaller free standing pellet stoves please respond
    Thanks for your help, John
  2. stoveguy2esw

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    Nov 14, 2006
    madison hgts. va
    hi beasel,
    no offence taken on the "looks" aspect of our units , they arent really expected to rival the look of the higher end brands, though they heat quite well. and for the market we work in , they are hard to beat. now, if you are looking in the higher end market , you might also take a look at thelin (parlor 3000, IMHO the most beautiful pellet stove on the market) , osburne (hybird-35) and enviro (empress)if you havent already. they all have some extremely sharp looking product lines. depending on th elook you are searching for one or the other may fit the bill. i have no idea on availability however.
    as for the effect of fines on top feeders, you will have to shut your unit down periodically to clean it, when you intend to do so , simply let the unit run dry of fuel and go out as normal , then simply vac out the accumulated fines before they build enough to cause any mischief.

    hope this is helpful to ya
  3. webbie

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    Nov 17, 2005
    Western Mass.
    Lot of nice small stuff out there. I have a baby countryside - also has the advantage of burning corn and other fuels if needed.
    Here is my stove:

    Other small models are the Enviro Mini......thelin, austroflamm (some models) and perhaps some others.

    As per my usual advice, you do have to consider reliability (which it appears you have done)...and also who is going to fix it when you have problems. For most folks, that means something that is available from a dealer within easy driving and service distance. Some folks are real handy and able to 100% install and fix their stoves...both under warranty and after. If this is you, then you open up the options of buying "mail-order" and even at big boxes. However, it does turn out that you get what you pay for - for instance, Englanders new unit (barely on the market now) is more comparable to other newer models on the market, and costs closer to others also. While an older design without bells and whistles might heat, it does not sound like you want a plain jane in your living room - my wife would not stand for it either - she'd make me buy the fanciest thing on the market if it was going in the living room! Of course, back when we were broke.....she would have put up with anything.
  4. Stove Guy (Maine)

    Stove Guy (Maine)
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    Aug 13, 2008

    In response to your post... I am a Certified dealer for both companies...

    Webmaster... well worded post !!...

    We are really talking about two different levels of quality, in these two stoves.. the whitfield cascade is a "simple", On/off, non-electric start, bare bones pellet stove... thats why it can retail for $1800-2200 dollars.. (made to compete with Homedepot models)... If you don't care what it looks like, and you just want basic Heating up to about 1200square feet.. then this might be the unit for you... ( this unit also MAYbe instock at a local dealer--- like me!! )....

    The Quadrafire is an entirely different look... it looks like a wood stove... with electronic ignition... comes in different colors... etc... retails for $2400- $2900... heats about the same 1200 square feet.. but will NOT be available till 2009...

    Guess this question ultimately comes back to you... Do you need to purchase a pellet stove this year? If so, you are going to be looking to purchase the cascade... because your more likely to get this year... If you have wood and can deal with, one more year.. than... maybe, you should put a deposit on a quadrafire castille.. wait, and get what you really want...

    Guess thats really up to the wife :)
  5. firewarrior820

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    Aug 26, 2008
    auburn maine
    go to" buy the fire" in oxford they have castiles in stock i bought one two weeks ago and its in my home
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