Can anyone identify this stove

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Jul 25, 2023
I bought this stove a few yrs ago been in my garage ever since. I am trying to identify it before I sell it and hope someone here can help. It has the art work "The Gleaners " casted in the side. I can't find any manufacturer name anywhere on the stove inside the door the number 68-ymt-7338 cast in it.

Can anyone identify this stove
Do you have a front view picture? It looks like a Jotul 118 knockoff. Look on the backside toward the bottom for Taiwan in the casting.
OK, then it's a knockoff. There were a lot of them made in the late 70s and early 80s until a lawsuit by Jotul stopped them.
Yup Jotul 118 clone. I have one with a copy of the jotul pattern. Still it does work well. Not sure what that clone is worth. The original jotul 118 would be worth quite a bit more than a clone.
Here is a clip of the clone lighting top down and burning.

The Taiwanese clones were notorious for quality control issues including marginal castings. Unless it was found new in the box in the back of store, any quality control issues have probably appeared long ago. Odds are it needs resealing by a new owner but as others have noted, its not going to sell like a genuine Jotul.
Yes and it looks like the legs are missing? Mine is on concrete blocks for that reason.
Is this listed on KSL now?
any idea what the picture of this is on the side? have the same one, trying to get some more details on it. Is anyone interested in buying this one on Long Island

Can anyone identify this stove
Read the above posts.
Looks like the Taiwan stove image is a depiction of Millet's painting, The Gleaners.

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