Q&A Can Class-A chimney be mounted against side of building?

QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    I want to install a stove in a room where there is no chimney. My home has a flat roof, and a 12" "hip" at the top 5' of the side elevation.

    Can a class-A chimney be mounted against the building, and have a pair of 45 degree elbows installed to make the "jog" of about 12" ?

    Would this have much effect on my draft? The entire chimney would be around 20'.


    Yes, you can mount the chimney to the outside of the building. You can offset the chimney with 30 degree offsets. Keep in mind that all offsets must be supported either at the offset or directly above them. If you are going to have 20' of chimney, I doubt that the offsets will have much effect on your draw.

    What will have the most effect will be running the chimney up the outside of the house. When you first start a fire, the chimney will be cold and getting it started initially, could be difficult. Once it warms up it should draw fine. You might want to consider running the chimney up inside the house, if that's possible or enclosing the outside chimney in a chase (enclosure).

    Take a look at this link. It has further links that will answer most questions about your chimney:

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