Can I run a 42 Apex without blower

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Burning Hunk
I have a 42 Apex (Fireplace Xtrordinair). Runs great and heats the whole house.

Last week I had it cruising with a full load of ash and Cat temp around 900-1,000 degrees.

Then we lost power to the whole block.
I always run this unit with the blower on and power outages in my area are extremely rare and usually short lived.

My question is will I damage the unit if it is run with the blower off?
For the short term with this one outage, it's probably fine. The cat temp was not super high. Just turn down the air to run it low.
Here is the guidance from the manual:

Operating the Fireplace During a Power Outage
This fireplace includes a blower to dissipate heat from the firebox. During power outages build small to medium-sized fires to prevent the fireplace from overheating.
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