Can someone please identify my wood stove

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New Member
Sep 17, 2023
I got it if these Amish folk awhile back and I accidentally broke the glass. Been trying to figure out what the model number is so I can get some proper dimensions on the glass. Yet in the back there’s just a bunch of model numbers.


Id love some input from you guys!

Question 1) what model do I have
Question 2) what dimensions of glass should I use for replacement

Thank you so much!


Staff member
CFM as a manufacturer and the FW model numbers indicate Century stoves. They were good little stoves 20 years ago.

I have the small Century, FW240007 in storage, the other FW would be the next size up. I’m not sure what the other numbers are. You plate seems to be a generic plate for multiple models. A pic of the front of the stove, and the inside top and back of the firebox would probably help you identify the model. If I remember right, the secondary air was routed differently on the stoves.

Take the door off and bring it to a glass shop. They’ll fit a piece of ceramic glass into the spot. It won’t be cheap.