Cannot figure out how to work this thing!!!

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Nov 22, 2015
My husband and I purchased a house with an insert woodstove, and we cannot figure out how to get it working. It is a silent flame, but the plaque with model number and info is illegible. It is wood burning, I am used to an old school fireplace. I cannot figure out how to open the damper/flue. There is a rod at the top, only the knob at the end of it turns 3/4 of the way, and I cannot see that it does anything. There is also a rod at the bottom which goes in or out, no idea what it is supposed to do. Also a button along the side which can go to auto, off or manual. None of the settings seem to do anything. I would love to find a manual but I don't have a model number. Help???


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Jul 15, 2015
I am not familiar with this particular stove....but generally speaking the rod on top should open and close the damper pull out to open push in to close. The rod on the bottom would likely control air intake into the stove and the switch controls the blower fan. Auto it comes on when fire reaches the set temp on thermostat and manual would keep the blower on constant. Obviously the blower requires electricity or battery backup to work. Hope this helps and again this is just general advice on how the stoves I have been around operate. Hopefully someone with more direct knowledge will chime in.
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Bill C

Nov 27, 2014
North Central Arkansas
The insert looks like an Earth stove or a Buck stove... Not exactly sure?
As the other post said; the top lever should control damper, bottom is air.
I would check inside to see if this is a catalyst insert "honeycomb brick in top" or a non catalyst type. Not cat types will look like the old style stove you have used.
If it's a cat stove use lever open damper and start you fire. After fire is up to temp then shut your damper and smoke diverts through the cat which burns it basically .
Then you set air for the burn you want. Maybe this will help a bit . It would be good to have someone who knows about the stove/flue system to verify its safe to use. Best of luck getting fired up!


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Jan 14, 2014
central pa
Yes it is an insert with a catalytic converter in it. The top lever is the bypass damper that bypasses that cat to get the fire going and the cat up to temp the bottom is air intake to control the fire the switch is for the fan. You should really have a sweep come out clean everything and evaluate your system. They can also give you pointers on operation.
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