Cant get latch apart

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New Member
Nov 3, 2023
Youngstown ohio
I have a heatilator eco wins18 and i was wanted to remove one of the washers so i could get a tighter seal so i took the lock nut off and i see theres a keyway and a key. I tried prying a bit with various screw drivers and it wont budge. Do i need a puller for this? I was going to heat it with a torch but im afraid that uneven heat on the glass might crack it.

Yup those are the same latch as quads. they seize up all the time if they aren't taken apart regularly. I usually end up cutting them off and replacing the handle
So if i could get that latch wedge to come off the handle comes right out or is it screwed in too? If i have to cut where would you make the cut?
The handle will come right out if you get the latch off. And I typically cut right down the middle of the shaft splitting the latch in 2 then pry it off
Update. Took the glass out, used a punch and a hammer came out no problem. 👍
Nice glad it worked I havnt had luck with that