Carbon monoxide incident in ash drawer

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I have a CO detector about 8 feet from my A30. In use (I am currently working three 12 hour shifts, mostly back to back to back) I tend to push ash through the hole in the floor whenever, use the L rod as above to dust off the sealing area, and then empty the ash drawer on "chore day," my first day off after working three 12s.

With my stove running 24/7 for a couple months now, I have had no CO alarms in a pretty tight house. Outdoors I have a 30 gallon metal trashcan (the cheap size) for ashes. Bungie cord through the lid handle onto the side handles for wind resistance. I empty mine when it is about as heavy as I want to deal with, about half full, but 15 gallon metal trash cans are expensive if you can find one at all.

Store the outdoor can on grade until you have enough snow pack to bring it closer to the side door of the house.
Running the stove and timing the loads helps with a warm flu and prevents co for me. A standard co detector wont tell you about leaky co. It only tells you that its over the safe limits for a certain period of time - read the manual for each co detector.

You would need an ultra low co alarm to see the co problems early. If im not using the stove anymore I empty the coals (to the outside in a metal bucket) once the stove/flu goes almost cold. I can also watch the draft gauge to tell me when the draft almost zero. Problem solved.

Location of stove, chimney and weather all play a factor. I get the temp up at night in home before overnight load and this gives me longer burn and more sleep.

I had a Jotul Rangeley with the ashpan that would set off the co alarm. I tried additional ashpan to make it easy but it was too much of a pain getting the coals that overflowed and the door was always having issues closing. This was my last ashpan wood stove and never go back.