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    I have a chance to purchase a cast iron stove in seemingly excellent condition I have had however no experience with cast iron since I have only had steel stoves. I have been told that cast iron will easily warp or crack under high heat . I only burn birch which gives of a fair amount of heat. I would appreciate any advice you can give. the offer is only on the table for the next two days


    No, it will not easily crack or warp under high heat, and that is why your car engine block is most likely made from cast iron. Of course, the brand does make a difference. There are excellent cast iron stoves from companies like Jotul (http://jotulflame.com) ....but in the past there have been some poorly made cast stoves imported from taiwan.

    Long story short...make sure the brand is well known and parts are available.

    Link: Jotul Web Site
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