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    We are researching non-catalytic, cast iron woodstoves and have narrowed the field down to Waterford and Jotul. In your experience is there much difference in quality of construction, ease of operation (especially re down drafting during startup and firing), frequency of problems/repairs, and efficiency? Waterford makes a point of their firebrick lining. Are Jotul stoves also lined, and if not, is it a major consideration in how long the stove will last or how well it heats?

    We are heating a 1400 s.f. home with an open floor plan in a fairly mild climate. The Jotul 602 and the Waterford Leprechaun appeal to us because of the cook plate feature. Would they be inadequate for heating our home?


    I think both of these will be too small to heat the entire home, although they will do 1/2 or better if you live in a temperate climate.

    Jotul has a larger stove, the #3, that will do a bit more. They also have a number of new stoves, including the Castinw which may be perfect for you.

    Both companies have been in the country since the 1970's and are quite reliable. Jotul has more dealer outlets if that is a concern. Use style, price and dealer reputation to make your final decision.
    ** Update 11/2007 Waterford stoves are no longer available in the U.S.
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