CB 1200 shuts of by itself

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Dec 9, 2023
Nova Scotia
Ive had this stove for 2 months, heres the issues Im having. Its happen 3 times. When on manual ( I have the remote set) it shuts off by itself. Light is still on and remote showing running. Found it shut off after a half an hour running on low. I didn't look in the bowl, but hit run again and fired up and ran. I've been using it constantly for the lady 4 days.
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It appears after 3 bags of pellets the bowl is plugging up. That doesn't sound right to me. It just happened again and all the holes at the bottom of the pot were plugged. I'm using Eastern Embers.
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From the manual
. Cleaning Firepot with Cleaning Rod & FirepotScraper• Frequency: Daily or more often as needed• By: Homeowners. Be sure the appliance is allowed to cool, has been unplugged and the exhaust blower is off. If you are just cleaning the firepot, there is no need to unplug the appliance.b. Pull the firepot cleaning rod OUT and IN a couple of times to help shake debris loose. If the rod is hard to pull, it may be necessary to use your firepot clean-out tool to chip away material that has built up on the bottom plate of the firepot and to push out any clinkers. Larger clinkers may have to be removed from the top of the firepot. Corn clinkers can be especially difficult to break up.c. The firepot floor plate must be fully closed when finished. See Figure 27.1 on page 27.
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No pictures on page 27 of my manual. Quadra fire 1200 CB. Never the less I get the point. Some new this morning, the remote had turned the stove off again while it was on manual, not sure how it did it. And an hour after I restarted it the thermometer was reading 78 degrees in the house while the other 2 where showing 71. I pulled the batterys and it restarted at 70. Get back to you later on this. Is there a sensor in the remote that shuts the stove off if it gets too hot? Or what else would shut if off. Remote showed off and stove was off no light.
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I've finally gotten through to some one in the know. My remote has an on board timer that shuts of after so many hours of running constantly. I have to go through a shut down cycle to reset it. This is factory programmed. So for it to work on manual for more then that, it has to go through that cycle. There fore I have to shut it down before I go to bed and restart it. Problem solved.