CFM Vermont Castings Dutchwest Everburn Non-Cat Owners Discussion and Review Thread!

tradergordo Posted By tradergordo, Nov 3, 2006 at 6:25 PM

  1. Diabel

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    You will see, she will run like a champ!

    Yeah, the chimney could never be too clean, when I clean the back of the refactory I always run the brush through the chimney.
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    handle 3.jpg

    I found the perfect solution to the handle problem. I drilled through the centers of two wine bottle corks, the synthetic ones, and drilled a recess on the end of one cork to counter sink the head of the screw. It looks great, will not break, feels nice in your hand, and is a little larger than the original handle so you get a better grip. If there is a logo on the cork, just rub it briskly and it will come off, or just wait for time/use to wear it off. If you can find some with non-beveled edges they meet up better, no groove between the two corks. It can be tricky to drill the holes perfectly centered but I managed to do it freehand with no drill press. I've made them for three of my neighbours who also have Dutchwest stoves. Here's a picture.
  3. mark axen

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    Dec 10, 2012
    Thanks to all for the helpful, interesting info! My 800 sf Adirondack house is fairly well insulated. Currently using Woodstock Soapstone Franklin Cottage DV- LP stove. I am considering these non-cat woodburners: DUTCHWEST 2477 (small); HEARTHSTONE Craftsbury; QUADRAFIRE Yosemite; HARMAN Oakleaf; LOPI Leyden. Seems all are made in the USA. ( I will use a RINNAI DV- LP as back-up & supplemental heater) . All things being equal, is it better to have a smaller stove buring 'stronger', or a larger stove burning a bit lower?... The sf space heating ranges listed in the brochures have a huge range. Like most everyone, I am looking for well built stove that is durable and works well ! Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks. -Mark Axen.
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    I would choose a somewhat smaller stove burning 'stronger' over a much larger stove burning a bit lower - sometimes hard to get 'low'. Those are all fine stoves you listed... personally, I would go with a Woodstock Keystone cat for 800 sf.

    You might want to start a fresh thread of your own, instead of piggy-backing on this one, to get more feedback.
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    This is an old thread and your needs and mentioned stoves are quite different. If you start a new thread you'll get better answers and attention to your specific needs.
  6. chance04

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    I know this is an old thread started many many moons ago. I just wanted to thank everyone who has come in and given their experiences. Back in June I jumped on a Craigslist ad for a dw 2478. $425 was just to good to pass up for a stove that looked so elegant. I brought it home, cleaned her up and started googling how these new age epa burners worked. Well my first discovery was a thread here on telling anyone considering a DW to run not walk in the other direction. My heart sank, did I really just shower away 400 plus dollars on a hunk of scrap metal? I had already removed our old Sierra pos and installed the"new" DW in its place so I told myself it was gonna be a do it die winter. Thanks to this thread and all the little tips and tricks revealed along the way, I'm happy to report I'm very pleased with our purchase. The stove has very good heat, I'm still getting used to different ways of loading for a decent over night burn. So far we have seen typical heat times of 5-6 hours before output starts to dwindle. and the house begins to cool. I also think it may be just a bit small for our 2000 sq ft but at present time the upstairs is not in use so we're have blocked it off with thermal curtains to keep heat down stairs. Here is a pic of the new girl in action.


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