Chain gauge wisdom - learn from my screwup

basod Posted By basod, Mar 10, 2013 at 3:24 PM

  1. basod

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    So I was doing my saw PM's and dressing up a few chains and noticed the chain box had .050 on it and the bar had .063 stamped on it. So I had to read up at Bailey's

    Seems in my haste of buying in quantity(set of 4) I confused Stihl 36(.063) with 33(.050).
    Anyways .050 chain will run in an .063 bar - cuts crooked and the bar oiler holes seem to plug up easier.

    Anyone ever wonder why manufacturers don 't just make it 50series or 63series?
  2. nate379

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    I was looking to order 15-20 chains on eBay and had to go check my bar.

    I am running a 0.050 bar on my 460. Is that "normal"? I took the bar off my 290 as well as the half dozen loops or so. I tried searching and didnt' really find anythign saying a certain width for certain saws. Have cut well over 30 cords with that bar and those chains and seems to be ok.
  3. MasterMech

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    3/8ths .050 is dominant out there for saws all the way up to and including the 90cc class. (Those that come with 3/8" chain that is)

    What I don't get is why Stihl chose .063 as the default for all of their saws that wear .325" chain (26RS).

    Now take Husky and throw them in the mix and they have .050 and .058 to contend with.
  4. nate379

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    Pffft Husky. They were a decent saw up till they whored out to the big box stores, like McCulloch, Poulan, etc.

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