Change out an Elmira Sweetheart stove door for a glass door?

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Dec 14, 2020
Rhode Island
We purchased an old Elmira Sweetheart stove that my best friend's grandmother has had since we were kids (late 80s). We have it installed in our cabin in NH and absolutely love it! It heats up pretty quick and we can usually get through the night if we have to (we usually feed it once or twice through the night on the below 0 nights) and have some coals left in the morning. The only thing is, the fire door is solid and my husband, as his ONLY Christmas wish this year, wants to find a way to replace that with a glass door. This is more just to see if the fire is still going without having to get up, too, so it's not like we're expecting a full view of the fire. Buying a new stove is not going to happen, this one is staying in the family. I have searched online for any dimensions of the existing door and looked for any similar stoves (found the Fireview, but that door looks a bit bigger). The manual doesn't show physical dimensions for either. I can't really tell if there is a way to take apart the door and replace the black insert piece (specifically the black square panel with Sweetheart in red) or if it's solid (haven't been to the cabin in a few months, so don't have pics of the door inside). Just wondering if anyone has ever retrofitted glass into a solid door somehow or had any ideas?

sweetheart stove.jpg sweetheart 2.jpg


Aug 14, 2011
central nh
I think the problem will be keeping the glass clean. Glass front stoves usually have some sort of air wash.