Check out my stove ... need opinions ( pics)

berg Posted By berg, Feb 22, 2013 at 12:18 PM

  1. berg

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Picked up this Bosca Spirit 500 on a trade for a old Lopi log stove ... The bosca was one year old and the previous owner was moving to an area with abundant lodgepole wood available.
    I have had a few minor things to fix , ignitor and flue which was included in the trade. Ignitor was not installed properly. I have not installed the flue yet ( this spring).I got great support and info from US STOVE.
    My reason for posting is I really like the access you get on these and they are heavy..375 lbs iirc.
    40 lb hopper and most reviews and reports have been good.

    How big of hearthpad should I use?
    I'd rather not use an OAK... ( what is best)
    Do I need to vac out fines before loading stove ( bag fines)
    Any suggestions for a newbie pellet user?

    opinions appreciated- thanks

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  2. moey

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    Jul 12, 2012
    Southern Maine
    - vacuum everywhere possible
    - then blow everything out (outside), then vacuum again
    - pull any motors out and clean well
    - inspect the gaskets
    - clean burn pot well

    I would highly suggest a oak. Never heard anyone say they regret installing a oak.

    You really want it clean it will give you a baseline if the burn is crappy.
  3. Bioburner

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    Aug 4, 2012
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    Good luck on your new stove. That stove was on my list of stoves to install in my kitchen-dining area. I lucked out and got the ceramic paneled Elena for a very good price. Check or download a manual to see what hearth pad you should have at a minimum. They are easy to build to keep costs down and use the savings to get a pellet brush and rods, leaf blower,paint brush,motor oil, never seize grease, fireplace glass cleaner etc. Dedicated tools and tool box, as a clean stove will give years of trouble free service and its a hinderance if every time you want to clean etc you have to track down the tools.
  4. mralias

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    Apr 29, 2008
    Suggestion #1

    Fig 6. Locate terminations: a) not
    less than 3 feet above any forced
    air inlet located with 10 feet; b)
    not less than 4 feet below or
    horizontally from, or on foot
    above, any door, window or
    gravity air inlet into any building;
    c) not less than two feet from an
    adjacent building and not less
    than 7 feet above grade when
    located adjacent to a public
    walkway. Mobile home installations
    must use a spark arrester.

    Suggestion #2

    Freestanding installations, minimum 29,2" wide by 34,0" deep. The stove must
    be placed on a continuous (grouted joints) noncombustible material such as ceramic tile, cement board,
    brick, 3/8” millboard or equivalent, or other approved or listed material suited for floor protection (refer
    to fig nº 3)
  5. DexterDay

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    Nice stove.. I would suggest the OAK also, keep it clean, and follow the Manf recommendations as to the Hearth size. They will have the clearances needed for the sides and/or front.

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