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QandA Posted By QandA, Jan 1, 2005 at 2:20 PM

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    Mr. Issod, I was able to get my fireplace insert working due to your help this past fall. Thanks for the help, but now I have another question. I scheduled a chimney cleaner to come in, and when I told him that I had an insert, he said he would cost a little more due to some chemical that either forms, or is needed when cleaning due to the insert. He quoted me $85. Do you know what he is talking about? He is supposed to come tomorrow night, so if you can respond asap, I'd appreciate it. I have the insert out right now because I put a new hearth in over the weekend, and want to get the chimney cleaned before my new carpet is installed this Saturday.


    Sweeps usually charge for for doing an insert, but this is usually related to the fact they have to remove and reinstall the unit. As far as a chemical, perhaps he is assuming that the chimney is very dirty and has "class 3" (sticky, tar) creosote in it..in this case, there is a chemical that can remove it. However, this normally costs hundreds of $$$...so I'm not sure what he is talking about. Maybe he's intending to leave you with a small supply of anti-creosote spray or powder.... which costs closer to $12.00 for a bottle. Either way, having an insert, especially a newer and cleaner burning model, does not mean a sweep MUST use chemicals of any kind...be sure to clarify his intentions
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