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    I recently purchased house and a wood burning stove. I'm attempting to install it myself. I've been scratching my head in regards to the connection to the chimney. To give a bit of history, the stove is a Jotul 3 CB model. The house it is being installed has a pre-existing masonry tile platform which continues up the wall. This tile is "cemented" directly to the sheet rock. The house chimney is masonry/brick. What I'm basically saying is that the house HAD a wood burning stove before. I'm going to hook up the Jotul in the same place. The Jotul has a stove pipe of 6". The chimney section, with 2" clearance to combustibles, has an inside dia of 6". There is clearance enough for the stove pipe to slip inside the chimney section. My question is: Is this an acceptable installation? I'm confusing myself reading the directions in the Jotul book. Please help! Cold weather is coming!


    Glen, you want to use the clearances that are to a combustible wall. In other words, the tile on the wall is purely decorative and does not cut down the clearance. As far as the chimney goes, it's tough for me to inspect from afar. Assuming that you have a masonry chimney, the critical part is the wall pass-thru. This is where the chimney extends horizontally into the room. There is a lot of information about this and installing the stove at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html.
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