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    Is there any practical use for the "creosote" residue left from cleaning the chimney of my woostove? Is this residue similar in any way to the wood preservative creosote ? For example- can the chimney residue be dissolved in a liquid of any type and then be used as a wood preservative? If there is no practical use for chimney creosote- what is the proper way to dispose of it- and does it present any permanent environmental hazard?


    Good question.....Yes- there are similarities between it and the wood preserving creosote...However- in practical matters- there is no good "home" use for it. You should work hard toward reducing the amount you create- as opposed to figuring out what to do with it.Creosote does contain many tars and other chemicals. I am not familiar with disposal methods- but cannot imagine any danger from disposing of small amounts by burial or trash. You may get some more complete answers from some of the chimney sites listed at https://www.hearth.com/what/links.html

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