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QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    Help, we are installing a pellet stove in basement, have the stainless flex pipe, it will not go up or down our chimney, we tried both ways several times, there are two "dogs" in the chimney, so we think at a considerable cost decrease of venting through back of fireplace wall to the outside, is this ok? any help would be appreciated.


    Read your instructions that came with your Pellet Stove. Most can be direct vented out the back, however there are some that can not.

    BTW, when dropping a liner into a chimney that has offsets or is corbeled, you must first get a rope through from top to bottom to help pull the liner through when it encounters interference. This is done by tying a round weight (we use tennis ball size lead fishing sinkers) onto the rope and dropping it down. Sometimes, when the rope and weight won't drop through, we feed it or pull it down by tying it to a loop on the end of our chimney rods and force it down. In my 15 years plus of installing pellet stoves, I have never encountered a chimney that I couldn't get a 3" stainless pellet liner through. It may not be a "piece of cake" but it is doable.
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