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    my fireplace has a "heat-o-lator" type interior. two years ago the chimney sweep told me it was all rotted out due to moisture and i should not use it i would like to have it repaired but have gotten various stories from various contractors some say i have to rip out the entire fire place others say they can repair it the latest one said he could repair the fire box and smoke chamber using a product called chamber tech 2000 do you have knowledge of that product could you give me any advice on how to repair this chimney


    I'm not familiar with the exact brand that you are referring to, but there are some kits on the market that do allow proper repair and replacement of this type of metal form fireplace without ripping the entire chimney/fire box out. One brand I've heard of is Bellfire.

    Get some references from the sweep or manufacturer of the product. If those check out, it could be a good deal. These kits are pre-engineered and probably superior to most site-built fireplaces.
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